Can-Am Motoworks Dominates the La Tuque 12 Hour ATV Endurance Race

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Can-Am / Motoworks  Teams Wins La Tuque 12 Hour ATV Endurance Race

Josh Frederick, Jeremie Warnia & Dillon Zimmerman – Can-Am DS450 ATVThe Can-Am/Motoworks team of Josh Frederick, Jeremy Warnia and Dillon Zimmerman scored big at the tenth installment of the 12 Hours de La Tuque in Quebec, Canada taking top honors after completing a grueling 179 laps.

The 12 Hours of La Tuque is the premiere endurance race in Quebec, Canada and featured teams from the U.S., Canada and even Germany, who competed in this annual event, but it was the Motoworks team that held on for the full twelve hours to take the win.

The track itself was 12km in length that equaled out to about 4 minute laps for most racers. The track was mostly sandy soil that wound through the woods and a section that passed by the shore of the river and a long straight section allowed racers to top out their machines by the grand stand/pit area.

“It got pretty rough out there because of all the sand and every time you went out, the track seemed to have changed a bit so you never knew what to expect and you would have to ride smart and pace yourself,” said Josh Frederick.

Rains the day before helped keep dust to a minimum on the sandy track, but it did get quite whooped out and rough over the course of the race, however, the Motoworks team is used to rough conditions and it didn’t seem to matter much to them as they charged off the line in the first four hour segment of the race.

Jeremy Warnia was designated as the starting racer in all segments as Warnia is known for his excellent starting abilities; and he did not disappoint as he charged off the line and quickly took the lead. The team took turns, racing 1.5 hours each, just like in WORCS racing, before trading off, with Josh Frederick going second and Dillon Zimmerman following up in the third spot.

In a race where reliability and endurance are key factors in winning, the Motoworks team had plenty of experience over the competition and it showed. The team only encountered one issue early in the race. “I hit a rock really hard and it broke the oil filter cover. I did make it to the pits to get it fixed and it didn’t take long so we were not very far behind and I caught up quickly, said Warnia.

“This was our first time racing this event and it was really a lot of fun. It reminded me of a WORCS race the way the course was set up, so we got lucky in that respect as far as having our machines set up. That let us do what we do best and win this event for our team,” said Josh Frederick.

After winning their first ever 12 Hours de La Tuque, the Can-Am/Motoworks team will most certainly be attending next year’s event in hopes of topping the podium once again

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